Guide Updates 11/21/18

  • HVUT - Added attachment from IRS: DMV Guidance Memo
  • State Holiday Closures - Page created.
  • Imported Vehicles - Added information: EXCEPTION: Military members who have transferred a vehicle because of deployment are exempt from customs.
  • Subpoenas - Page created.
  • Amateur Radio Plate - Added information: All registrants who qualify for this plate are exempt from the $25 fee previously required (Public Chapter 990).  The TNClerk system has been configured to eliminate this fee from all Amateur Radio plate transactions.
  • Internal Audit of Inventory - Page created. 
  • CLASS I & CLASS II (OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE "OHV") PLATES - Added information regarding the Agricultural Exemption Sales Tax Question for Class I and Class II Off-Highway Vehicles 
  • Vintage Plates - Added information: TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(5) states that “The department shall permit owners of antique motor vehicles to register an official license plate issued by the state from an era when the manufacture of the vehicle occurred instead of registering for new license plates in accordance with part 2 of this chapter. The vintage license plate shall be displayed on the motor vehicle in accordance with this chapter.”  Vehicle Services interprets that the difference between the requirement of maintaining a current plate in addition to the vintage plate (cited in TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(4)) and registering/displaying only the vintage plate (cited in TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(5)) is noted in the additional language of “official license plate issued by the state”.  In other words, if the vintage era plate is an official plate that was issued by the state of Tennessee, there is no need to maintain another plate to show law enforcement.
  • Meeting Handouts & Presentations - Added attachment: PowerPoint presentation from the November 2018 COAT meeting



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