Tenn. Code Ann. Sections (Fees: 55-4-103(f)(2), 55-4-103(f)(3), 55-4-111(a)(1) Class (C)55-4-111(b) 55-4-132(a)55-4-204(a)(1)), 55-4-201, 55-4-202, 55-4-203




Vintage: 3025 Issue Year: Original issue year of the plate
(Example: a 1957 Vintage Plate would have the issue year 3025/1957)


Vintage License Plates. Instead of registering a vehicle with the standard antique motor vehicle plate, a person may choose to register an antique motor vehicle with an official vintage Tennessee license plate of the era when the vehicle was manufactured, and may display that license plate as their official Tennessee vehicle registration on the rear of the vehicle instead of registering for new license plates. Provisions for vintage plates also apply to motorcycles. Please see the chart below to determine the proper plate for the antique vehicle:



Owners or lessees of a motor vehicle older than 25 years with a non-modified engine and body who are residents of the State of Tennessee.


  • The Antique Plate Application must be completed and submitted with the application for Certificate of Title and Registration
  • The form contains complete instructions for issuance and explains under what circumstances a vehicle using this plate can be operated
  • The registrant must provide an official Tennessee license plate issued the same year as the manufacture of the vehicle being registered.  
  • Vintage plates may be transferred to another vehicle as long as the Vintage plate is placed on a vehicle that falls within the same model year as previous vehicle. 
  • TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(5) states that “The department shall permit owners of antique motor vehicles to register an official license plate issued by the state from an era when the manufacture of the vehicle occurred instead of registering for new license plates in accordance with part 2 of this chapter. The vintage license plate shall be displayed on the motor vehicle in accordance with this chapter.”  Vehicle Services interprets that the difference between the requirement of maintaining a current plate in addition to the vintage plate (cited in TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(4)) and registering/displaying only the vintage plate (cited in TCA 55-4-111(b)(C)(5)) is noted in the additional language of “official license plate issued by the state”.  In other words, if the vintage era plate is an official plate that was issued by the state of Tennessee, there is no need to maintain another plate to show law enforcement.


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