Guide Updates - 8/20/2019

  • Historic Military Vehicles – New guide page
  • Public chapters – various pages have been updated to reflect appropriate public chapters. These can be found in the “Authority” section
  • Trailer page – Added “personal campers do not qualify for a semi-trailer plate.”
  • IVTR – Page created to provide guidance on steps.
  • Military pages updated – “Under Honorable” discharge does not meet the qualifications for plates requiring an “Honorably Discharged” status
  • Inheritance page - A death certificate is required as supporting documentation regardless of whether the deceased has a surviving spouse, will (probated or not), or the vehicle was inherited.
  • Noting of Lien page - Added the following note:” **Important note: Temporary liens are applied through the Secretary of State. For more information on this topic, please visit”
  • License plate guide book - Linked to reflect the addition of the Paratrooper, Rakkasans, and Methodist LeBonheur plates.
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