Adding or Removing a Name from License Plate



Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-4-101, 55-4-119


The Department has recently added the following guidance relating to jointly-held standard and personalized passenger registration plates. When a standard or personalized passenger registration plate is jointly-held by two individuals, and the registrants wish to remove one of the individuals from the plate, county clerks may process the requested transaction and leave ownership of the plate in the name of just one individual, provided both individuals provide written consent to the transfer. The written consents should be scanned in with the rest of the supporting documentation for the transaction. This guidance is applicable whether or not the two individuals are spouses or former spouses. Similarly when a standard or personalized passenger registration plate is held by one individual who wishes to add an additional registrant to the plate, the clerk may add the second individual as requested.

This guidance is intended to provide registrants with additional latitude to make independent decisions regarding registration plate ownership. In the past, the Department could not facilitate the removal of registrants from a jointly-held plate due to system limitations. However VTRS is now fully capable of processing removal transactions and the Department's Legal Office has confirmed that nothing in the law prohibits the removal of one individual from a jointly-held standard plate that does not have specific eligibility requirements. These transactions fall outside of the transfer by operation of law provisions set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated § 55-4-119 and are not implicated by code provisions related to vehicle sales.



1. Multi-purpose Application- for Registration
2. Registration 
3. Written consent from both parties on General Affidavit (see below)

Applicant may pay the following:
• Transfer fee
• County Issuance fee(s)
• Additional County Clerk fees may be applicable


• Both individuals must provide written consent to the transfer. 





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