Replacement VIN and TNVIN


Tenn. Code Ann. 55-3-116


  • Replacement VIN’s are issued for vehicles where the original VIN plate has been lost, destroyed, or defaced. A new VIN decal is issued with the exact same VIN that was originally on the vehicle
  • If a vehicle is homemade, rebuilt, or specially constructed and has never had a vehicle identification number (VIN), customers can apply for TNVIN. TNVIN’s are Vehicle Identification Number assigned by the Anti-Theft Unit.



  • Customers will submit the required documents along with a $10.00 fee per completed application to their local county clerk’s office
  • The county clerk’s office will then send the completed application to the Anti-Theft Unit for processing.
  • All Replacement VIN’s and TNVIN’s will be assigned to an Anti-Theft Agent for inspection with the exception of trailers.
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