It is important to verify accuracy of ‘former’ title & state code prior to making system entries. On occasion, Tennessee is listed in error as the ‘former state’ for title numbers that are from states such as  Alabama, Florida and Virginia, all of which utilize ‘8’ digits with similar TN numbers in their title numbers.


When entering former title number information from an application into the computer system, enter the current title number that is on the supporting title in the ‘former title field’ followed by the state code for the name of the state that issued the supporting title. The location of title numbers on out-of-state certificates of title varies from state to state. Look for a specific ‘title number’ field. Don’t use control/inventory/document number unless otherwise instructed to. Depending on the transaction, the system may require an entry in the ‘former title number’ field and therefore, cannot be left blank.

The ‘Former Title Number’ field contains up to 13 digits.

  • Use the first ‘13’ digits (including any letters) for states with longer title numbers
  • Do not use hyphens or spaces
  • Do use leading zeros or any letters



  • Georgia – Current Title Number 773078052705040 (enter the first 13 digits)
  • Connecticut –  028311062 (enter 028311062)
  • Mississippi –   E143396-01 (enter E14339601 w/o the hyphen)
  • Wyoming –      01-01572954 (enter 0101572954 w/o the hyphen)

While the following states don’t have or use title numbers, please enter information as follows:

  • Hawaii - Red ‘H’ number in the middle of their certificate of title
  • Ohio – NO. listed at the top of the certificate
  • New York – Use ‘Document No.’
  • Washington – Use ‘Certificate Number’
  • California – Use ‘CA+Number’ at bottom of the certificate (enter CA99935420 w/o hyphen)
  • New Jersey – Use the number at the bottom of the NJ title. Example, GD201413600000118
  • If new vehicle with MSO, enter ‘MSO’ and the ‘state code’ of the dealer listed on the front of the MSO
  • Enter ‘RS76’ and ‘TN’ as former state, if submitting certificate of ownership, a surety bond or if the title was previously issued in TN but has been ‘purged’ or ‘dropped’ from the system
  • Enter ‘Reg’ and state code for older out-of-state registrations for those states (e.g.  GA, AL, CT)  that don’t issue a Certificate of Title 
  • Enter ‘FN’ if an out-of-the country Certificate of Title (e.g. New Brunswick – Canadian Province)
  • System stops (e.g. -09) may require additional action
  • For government vehicle, enter the Certificate Number, example 3BFBC11 - 521, without the hyphen

(e.g. 3BFBC11521) and not the DO# listed at the bottom of the Standard Form 97. Enter ‘GV’ as the former state code

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