Tenn. Code Ann. Sections 55-4-111(a)(1) Class (D)(i), 55-4-111(c) and 55-4-111(d)


Private Or Commercial


Regular: 8000 Issue Year: 2000
Personalized: 8100 Issue Year: 2008
Trailer 10 yr.: 8010 Issue Year: 2012
Semi-Trailer: 8020 Issue Year: 1994


Regular, Trailer Personalized and Trailer 10 year plate: Individuals electing to register a privately owned trailers or trailers held for public rental not exceeding 8 feet in width and less than 20 feet in length exclusive of the tongue, and all trailers limited to vacationing and camping purposes, unless otherwise exempted, but the owner desires to be registered.

Tennessee residents or businesses with a base of operation in Tennessee registering freight trailers, semi-trailers and pole trailers used primarily for hauling freight.


  • Some trailers are required to be registered based upon their definition and use
  • Trailers, not required to be registered can be voluntarily registered by the owner or lessee
  • With the exception of Semi-Trailer plates, trailer plates are renewable annually
  • Trailer plates may be personalized for an additional fee
  • The Trailer 10 E Year plate for rental renting trailers (like U-Haul) is
    • Used for trailers that may be picked up in one state and dropped off in another
    • Valid for 10 years from the new metal date
    • Renewed annually in March, and cannot be personalized
  • A Semi-Trailer license plate whenever the title to a freight trailer, semi-trailer or pole trailer registered in this state is destroyed, abandoned, sold or otherwise transferred to another owner, the registration of the trailer shall expire. If the trailer is sold or otherwise transferred to a new owner, the new owner shall obtain a new registration of the trailer. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the department may issue to such new owner a new or existing registration plate bearing the same alpha-numerical characters as was affixed to such trailer at time of transfer to the new owner.
  • Owners of exempt trailers may register in this class when trailers are taken out of state
  • Exemptions: Regardless of kind or size, trailers
    • Owned by farmers and used for agricultural purposes
    • Hauling livestock between farm and market
    • Used for transporting boats and when drawn by a vehicle in the private passenger class for non-commercial purposes except house trailers


Maximum characters available to personalize regular plate: 7


Number to be issued: unlimited
Vehicle must be registered by: applicant 
Class of vehicle: passenger 
Owner vs. leased: owner or lessee


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