83 (Farm Permit)


Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-4-115


This transaction is used to issue farm permits and will fall under two categories:

1. Tennessee Registered Vehicles: The farm permit is used when carrying more
weight than the joint plate of issue. Five (5) 30 day permits can be issued to a
vehicle within one year.

2. Out of State Vehicles: This permit is similar to a forced registration since the
owner keeps their out-of-state registration. Like the Tennessee farm permit, the
user is upgrading the vehicle weight when temporarily use is in Tennessee. The
out-of-state title and license plate must be entered on the permit. This permit
may be issued three (3) times for 30 days each, per year, per vehicle.

• Copy of Current Tennessee Registration or Out State Registration

Applicant may pay the following:
• Permit fee (based on additional weight)
• County Issuance fee(s)
• Additional County Clerk fees may be applicable.

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