81 (Disabled Handicapped Placard Temporary "Red")


Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-4-111, 55-21-101 through 55-21-108 and 55-21-152


This transaction is used to issue a Temporary Disabled Placard for a temporary
disability. This transaction is used only by the County Clerk system. This transaction is
sent in batch or on-line form to update the Disabled/Dealer system.


• Temporary placards may be obtained by using a provider’s “prescription pad”
statement as evidence to determine eligibility for a temporary placard and attaching
to the Application for Disabled Person License Plate/Placard and Reference Material
Disabled Person License Plate/Placard Form. It must describe any mobility
disabilities as “non-ambulatory” or “semi-ambulatory”.

Applicant may pay the following:

• Placard fee
• Additional County Clerk fees may be applicable.

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