19 (Correction of Title, In Clerk's Possession/Same Title#, On System)


This transaction is initiated due to erroneous information entered on a Tennessee
Certificate of Title before the title is handed to the customer or mailed.
General information: The incorrect title MUST BE in the County Clerk’s possession
before doing a Transaction 19.


     1. This transaction is used to correct and reprint erroneous information on a title
         without assigning a new title number
     2. This transaction allows you to change all fields except plate and expiration date
     3. The title number cannot change (a new title number cannot be assigned)
     4. A Transaction 19 can only be done within five (5) five days of the original title
     5. The incorrect title must be in the County Clerk’s possession before doing a
         Transaction 19
     6. If the incorrect title has been mailed the Clerk will need to get the title back in
         their office and correct the title using a Transaction Type18
     7. The incorrect title must be shredded
     8. A Transaction 19 can only be processed (1) one time on an incorrect title

BIS (TNClerk) Users – Additional Notes:

A few questions should be asked before completing the following steps:
     1. What transaction type do you need to correct?
          A. “Real Time” transactions done in BIS (not in system – example: transaction
          7 (Noting of Lien or Duplicate Title), should follow BIS instructions to make
          modifications before reprinting the corrected title and 201 showing the
          corrections. Corrections in the system are not usually required in this

          B. If a title transaction 01, 02, N1 or N2 (Back room review transactions) was
              done, and the information was transmitted, and the title was printed
              incorrectly and updated in the system:

• Follow BIS instructions to make modifications and also key the same
modifications/changes into the system as a transaction 19.

Note – The most common error is not listing or changing the correct title number in the
FMR TITLE field on the Correction of Title Screen. Please see step “12” below.

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