05 (Title Only, On System)


Tenn. Code Ann Section 55-1-121, 55-3-118


This transaction is used when a Certificate of Title is to be issued without registration for
a vehicle that is old to the database (the database already contains the vehicle

The instances where “title only” is allowed are:

1. Trailers (e.g. boat trailers, campers and utility trailers)
2. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) (TDS numbers are shown)
3. Mobile homes
4. Dealers wanting to sell out-of-state
5. Repossessions
6. Settlement with an insurance company
7. Someone giving title to a minor child
8. Re-builder of a vehicle


1. Multi-purpose Application completed in its entirety
2. Tennessee Certificate of Title (see note below)
3. Title Extension Form (if applicable)
4. Security Agreement (if applicable)
5. Odometer Disclosure Statement (if applicable)


Applications not supported with a title or registration may in some instances be supported
with the following: Court Order, Certification of Ownership, Surety Bond, Notice of
Sheriff’s Sale, Divorce Decree, Repossession, or Abandoned Vehicle.

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