04 (Replacement of Plate only, Plate and Decal or Decal Only)


Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-4-103 (g), 55-4-105(d), 55-4-107


This transaction is used when a license plate and /or decal, has been lost, stolen or


1. Multi-purpose Application - For Registration (must show the PLATE being replaced)
2. Application for Duplicate License Plate/Replacement Plate or Decal
3. Copy of valid registration


• Applicant may pay the following:
     o Plate and/or Decal Replacement fee
     o County Issuance fee(s)
     o Additional County Clerk fees may be applicable.

• When duplicating/replacing a Personalized Plate, be sure to email a copy of the 201
application showing fee’s collected and the Application for Duplicate/Replacement
License Plate or Decal to the Plate & Supply Unit dg_plate&supply.team@tn.gov .
This will assist with the plate being made and shipped as soon as possible.

General information: There is no fee if plate or decal is lost through the mail. 

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