N2 (Re-assignment with Transfer of Plates, Not on System)


Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-1-121, 55-3-118, 55-4-101(f)(2), 55-6-104, 39-14-132


This transaction type occurs when an applicant acquires a new vehicle; and transfers a
plate from a vehicle already titled and registered in the applicant’s name or when adding
a spouse.


1. Multi-purpose Application – for Certificate of Title and Registration
2. Out –of-State Title or Manufacture’s Statement of Origin (MSO)
3. Odometer Disclosure Statement (if applicable) - The Federal Odometer Statute
defines certain vehicles that are (or may be) exempt from disclosure.
4. Security Agreement (in some cases)
5. Title Extension Form (in some cases)
6. Foreign or Out-of-State Registration and application have a Lien.
7. MSO must have a New Car Invoice or Bill of Sale.

Applicant may pay the following:

• Transfer fee
• Title fee
• Lien fee (if applicable)
• Sales and Use Tax may be applicable
• County Issuance fee(s)
• Lessor/Lessee fee (if applicable)
• Additional County Clerk fees may be applicable.

NOTE: The application for Certificate of Title and Registration must show the year and
make of the vehicle from which the license plate is being transferred. This must be
shown in the “License Not Trade-In” space on the application for title and registration.

NOTE: If the license plate being transferred is in joint ownership, it cannot be transferred to single ownership, except in the instance of a surviving spouse or for any license plate that is issued based on an individual’s eligibility as long as the clerk can verify which of the two owners was the qualifying individual.  

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