Adding & Deleting Employees / VTRS Access

Tenn. Code Ann. Sections 4-3-5501, 10-7-512, 10-7-504

Any county clerk staff who accesses the state is responsible for complying with guidelines regarding confidentiality and security. Each user is assigned a user identification (User ID) also known as a DGD Number which allows access to VTRS, Filenet and for some users also provides a state email account.



In addition to the confidentiality and security guidelines discussed above, county clerk staff with access to VTRS should avoid processing title and registration transactions that may create a conflict between the employee's work responsibilities and other interests. For example, county clerk staff should refrain from processing transactions related to their personal vehicles (or vehicles belonging to family members or close friends), where possible. All title and registration transactions, including those for vehicles owned by county clerk staff, family, or other close contacts, may be subject to audit examination for purposes of sales tax compliance. 



VTRS Access Revision Form/Confidentiality Disclosure of Tennessee (attached below)

Please note that the form is necessary only for the following reasons:
• When onboarding a new employee who needs a DGD and access to VTRS.
• When an existing employee needs access changed (such as a regular user needs to gain supervisor rights).
• When removing access for an employee (must be submitted on the employees last day).  Only page 1, "VTRS/IVTR Access Revision Form", must be completed when deleting an employee.

The forms:
• Must be completed in their entirety
• Must be signed by the County Clerk
• Must be emailed to

The Vehicle Services Division will ask that a DGD number be created by the Information Technology Resources (ITR) Division. Once ITR has completed this process, Vehicle Services staff will contact you with the assigned DGD number and a temporary password.

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