Dealer- Used Cars/Independent Dealer "D" Plate


Class 1112 - Issued to Independent or Used Vehicle Dealers. Eligibility based on a valid MVC dealer license and evidence of filing an annual sales report.

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  • The issue year changes annually, with new metal production in May
  • These plates are not issued to individual vehicles
  • Fees vary by class code, however a higher fee is assessed for the first plate purchased; additional plates may be purchased at a reduced fee
  • The number an applicant may purchase varies and is dependent on information provided by the Motor Vehicle Commission, however, there is a maximum number of plates that can be purchased annually.
    • Class Codes 1112 - max 225 plates
  • The fee to replace lost dealer plates shall be the same rate as provided for obtaining the plate initially issued. The fee to replace a mutilated or defaced dealer plate shall be the same as the fee for replacing any other plate; provided, that the mutilated or defaced plate is surrendered to the clerk. TCA 55-4-117 (a)(2)

Application for Dealer Plates 

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