Commercial Fleets

Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 55-4-501 to 55-4-507


A Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleet means one thousand (1,000) or more vehicles owned or long-term leased by a corporation or other legal entity and registered in the state pursuant to this section.

All Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleet Transactions are processed by the Vehicle Services Division of the Department of Revenue.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleet registrations are non-staggered thus they expire in the month designated by the Commissioner.

Currently, there are only two (2) Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets approved by the Commissioner of Revenue to operate under this statute; AT&T (formerly Bell South) and United Parcel Service (UPS). Their registrations expire in February and March, respectively.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets are issued their own series of specific license plates ranging from H-1 to H12. Examples of these plates are shown below.




Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets each use the same unique validation decals called “Tennessee Perm Fleet Decal”. By design, these decals do not look like those used for any other vehicle in this state. The decal color does not change annually, as it does with other state expiration decals. The decal is good for the life of the plate and is only replaced in a new metal year or if lost, stolen, mutilated or defaced. A sample is shown below.

Vehicles participating in the Commercial Vehicle program must display any applicable County and/or City Wheel Tax Stickers and pay the appropriate fees. However, the fees are collected by the Vehicle Services Division and remitted to each respective county and/or city. Vehicle Services maintains an inventory of all county and city wheel tax decals. A sample of the County and City Wheel Tax Sticker is below.


Commercial Motor Fleet Vehicles are issued a “permanent registration card”.


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