Title Only


Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-3-101(b)


  • The county clerks may issue title-only for trailers that are not required to be registered and other types of vehicles that are not required to be registered, such as all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, or hobby/project vehicles that are not driven on the roads, provided the applicant can supply the requisite proof of ownership of the vehicle. The law provides that the owner of a vehicle excepted from title and registration requirements may apply for a title-only, subject to the approval of the Department. The law further provides that the Department may provide for the manner in which applications are to be made.


  • Persons applying for title-only should submit the Title Only Application and select the appropriate reason they desire a title-only to their vehicle. The applicant will be required to submit documents evidencing proof of ownership of the vehicle, which vary depending on the reason the applicant desires a title-only, as described below. 
    • Out-of-state Repossession – Required Documents: Documents evidencing the applicant’s entitlement to and performance of repossession of the vehicle.
    • Insurance Company Settlement – Required Documents: Settlement Agreement and any other related documentation.
    • Dealer Sale to Out-of-state Resident – Required Documents: Properly reassigned title and bill of sale or dealer invoice.
    • Sale of Vehicle Donated to Non-Profit Organization – Required Documents: Properly reassigned title and bill of sale.
    • Sale of Vehicle Confiscated by Government Agency – Required Documents: Order issued by the court or seizing agency.
    • Vehicle Not Required to be Registered – Required Documents: Properly assigned title or manufacturer statement of origin and bill of sale or dealers invoice.
    • Out-of-state IRP registration – Required Information: USDOT or IRP identification number and lease agreement information, if applicable.
  • NOTE: If a title-only applicant does not have all of the required documentation, or is requesting a title-only for a reason not listed above, the county clerk should forward the application to the Department for review.


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