Revocations/ Legal Hearing Office Review

Tenn. Code Ann. Sections, 55-4-121, 55-5-117-119, 55-12-114, 67-1-105
Uniform Administrative Procedure Act Title 4 Chapter 5 part 3


  • “Revocation” is a process implemented by the Department upon satisfactory proof the certificate of registration, certificate of title, registration plate, or permit should not have been issued. Each revocation is handled on a case-by-case basis, it reverses the decision to issue the item.


  • The item was fraudulently or erroneously issued
  • A vehicle has been titled or registered that was previously deemed as nonrepairable
  • A vehicle has been titled or registered that was previously deemed as salvage but the vehicle was not subjected to the pre-certification process to make a salvage vehicle roadworthy
  • A registration plate is knowingly displayed on a vehicle other than the one for which it was issued
  • Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility (in this case, law enforcement may confiscate the license plate, and a STOP is placed on the system blocking future registrations/renewals until the stop is cleared by the Department of Safety)


  • If the Department plans to revoke an issued title and/or registration, a certified notice shall be mailed to the owner/registrant and applicable lienholders, of the revocation. The owner/registrant may within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice, request, in writing, a hearing with the Commissioner of Revenue. The hearing request must have a postmark date within the ten (10) day notice period.
  • The purpose for the hearing is to determine if the Department took the proper steps and correctly issued, suspended, or revoked the Certificate of Title, Registration, Plate or Permit based on the record and the law.
  • Issues of actual ownership and parties’ rights under a contract will not be considered in this hearing and must be resolved by legal remedy in a court of law.
  • All petitions for a hearing should be sent to the following address:

Tennessee Department of Revenue
Hearing Office
1240 Andrew Jackson State Office Building 500 Deaderick Street
Nashville Tennessee 37242

  • If a request for a hearing is not received within the ten (10) day limit, the title will be deemed invalid.
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