Leased Vehicles

Tenn. Code Ann. Sections 55-4-101, 55-24-101, 67-6-102


  • Leased Vehicle” is any vehicle for which the temporary possession or use of has been granted to another, usually for compensation at a fixed rate.
  • Lessee” is any consumer who leases a motor vehicle pursuant to a written lease agreement by which a manufacturer's warranty was issued as a condition of sale or which provides that the lessee is responsible for repairs to the motor vehicle.
  • "Lessor” is a business or an individual who grants a lease.


  • Vehicles leased for a period of ninety (90) days or more will be titled in the name of the lessor. The registration will show the name and address of the lessee, since the lessee will be the actual owner of the registration plate.Vehicles Leased for a period of 90 Days or more will be titled and registered as follows:
    • Lessor’s name and address will be on the certificate of title.
    • Lessee’s name and address will be on the registration.
    • The driver’s name should not be included on the certificate of title or registration because of the potential for frequent change.
    • A standard fleet identification number should be used.
    • A brand reflecting leased vehicle status should not be included on the certificate of title.
    • The Lessor Authorization must be completed to authorize the lessee to register the vehicle.
    • The lessor’s Tennessee sales tax number must be shown on the application for title and registration if no sales tax paid.


  • Any vehicle leased or rented for less than thirty (30) days shall be titled and registered in the name and address of the lessor.
  • The lessee shall be deemed to be the lawful owner of the registration
  • A lessee may transfer the license plate to another vehicle upon termination of lease

The following documents are required when titling and registering a leased vehicle:


Sales Tax:

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