Confiscated Vehicles


Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-5-108, 55-5-128


Vehicles that have been confiscated by state or local law enforcement agencies may be titled in the agency name or subsequently sold.


State Confiscations

  • Are mainly conducted by the
    • Department of Safety, resulting from drug seizures or altering a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) resulting from wildlife violations
    • Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) resulting from contraband alcohol and/or tobacco
  • The heads of the respective state agencies shall issue an order to sell the vehicle or title the vehicle in the agency’s name.
  • The Tennessee Department of General Services is responsible for selling vehicles confiscated by state agencies.

County Confiscations 

  • Are conducted by local law enforcement officers, resulting from felony offenses for armed robbery, or cases involving DUI, illegal drugs or arson
  • Must be processed through the court system
  • The court system shall issue an order to sell the vehicle or title the vehicle in the agency’s name, and
  • Vehicles may be sold at public auction or by an authorized local governmental agency

Supporting Documents

In addition to the application for title and registration and payment of applicable state and local fees, the following documents must also be submitted

    • Order issued by a court of law or head of seizing agency (always required)
    • Purchase order (required , if state agency)
    • Odometer Disclosure Statement completed by the seizing agency (if subject to Truth in Mileage Act)
    • Odometer Discrepancy Certification (if odometer reading is entered incorrectly OR if the brand is “not actual”)
    • Bill of sale issued by seizing agency (if vehicle is sold)


  • When a dealer acquires a confiscated vehicle, the dealer may sell the vehicle with the supporting documentation from the seizing agency and use the State of Tennessee Certificate of Title Extension Form to transfer ownership.
  • If the dealer has the vehicle sold and the purchaser is out of state, the dealer may apply for “title only” with verification the purchaser lives out of state.
  • With more and more vehicles being purchased through online auctions, the seizing agency may want to title the vehicle in their name prior to selling the vehicle.


Odometer Disclosure Statement

Odometer Discrepancy Certification

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