Dealer Drive-Out Tags/ EZ Tag


Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 55-3-121(a)(2) and 55-4-226(c).

EZ Dealer Tags:

Revenue’s Dealer Drive-Out EZ-Tag program allows dealers to electronically submit vehicle, lien, and owner information to the county clerk’s office and quickly and easily produce a unique temporary tag.

Here are some of EZ-Tag’s many benefits:

  • No controlled stock inventory to track
  • Fast printing capabilities
  • Worry-free auditing logs
  • Report log capability
  • Real-time updates to county clerk’s office
  • No unauthorized use of temporary tags
  • The ability for law enforcement to scan tag and receive owner name, address, vehicle description and expiration date
  • Temporary tags are printed on durable white paper tested to withstand weather conditions
  • Pay only for tags that are used
  • Ease of applying for a tag extension
  • Secure login

Participating dealers have found the EZ-Tag program to be fast, efficient and time-saving. For questions about EZ-Tag, contact Business Information Systems at (866) 800-6498 or  To sign-up for EZ-Tag, visit

Dealer Drive-Out Tags


The Vehicle Services Division only issues dealer drive-out tags to dealerships that are licensed and registered through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), to sell new and used vehicles.

If a lienholder repossesses a vehicle, they may apply to the division and obtain dealer drive out tags, or to the County Clerk and obtain a temporary operation permit, for the purpose of transporting the repossessed vehicle to a garage or warehouse OR for purposes of demonstrating or selling the same. Or, any person eligible for a plate pursuant to T.C.A. 55-3-121(a) may make application to their local County Clerk for a Temporary Operation Permit for the fee of $10.00 (additional county fees may apply) pursuant to T.C.A. 55-3-121(b).


Regular: 1205, Issue Year: 1994

Motorcycle: 5005, Issue Year: 2005


  • Dealers may assign and issue a temporary plate (Dealer Drive Out Tags) to a bona fide purchaser for the vehicle sold by the dealer, or to a person for an automobile loaned or rented by the dealer for use as a private passenger vehicle during such period as the person is awaiting delivery of an automobile which has been contracted or awaiting return of his own vehicle from the dealers repair shop or garage.
  • Dealers are authorized to collect $5.50 for the thirty (30) day temporary plate (Dealer Drive Out Tags) but are not authorized to collect additional amounts as service or other charges. No more than two (2) temporary plates (Dealer Drive Out Tags) may be issued by the dealer to a person for the same vehicle except upon authorization from the Commissioner of Revenue.
  • Each plate issued must be completely filled out in black ink, including the name and address of the person receiving the plate, complete description of the vehicle, date of issuance and the odometer reading. The issue date must be punched with a single hole punch.
  • Each dealer shall maintain a record of each temporary plate (Dealer Drive Out Tags) issued to include name and address of the person receiving the plate, complete description of the vehicle and the date of issuance. These records shall be kept for a period of not less than fifteen (15) months from the date of the transaction. Dealer Drive Out Tag Log Sheet
  • Dealers may deliver tags unexecuted to another eligible Tennessee dealer provided they obtain a signed release identifying the plates as to serial number, delivery date and payment. A copy of the signed release shall be provided to the Department of Revenue, Vehicle Services Division within twenty-four (24) hours. This report may be emailed to dg_plate&

Example Instructions:

  • The transfer must be on letterhead from the dealership transferring the tags
  • The dealership that is receiving the drive out tags must be registered with the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Complete address of both dealership
  • Dealer numbers of both dealerships
  • Both parties must sign
  • Drive out tags being transferred must be listed
  • Date of transfer
  • Letter must be notarized
  • A dealer may forfeit his right to issue temporary plates (Dealer Drive Out Tags) if he fails to comply with the regulations of the law governing their issuance.
  • Proof of valid Motor Vehicle Commission license
  • Completed Dealer Drive Out Tag Application form



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